This book uses simple instructions and pictures to show how to create learning content, pedagogical activities and dynamic and motivating courses on the Moodle virtual learning environment. It also provides examples of good practices and suggestions to make the most of Moodle 3.

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Keep a long-term connection with students and former students providing them an Alumni portal that allows them to interact with each other, to develop their careers and professional network relationships, and establishing contact with employing companies interested in their skills.


SIGA automates academic management processes starting at the candidate applications until the certificate issuing. Free your staff from repetitive, discouraging and non-value-added tasks, and focus your energy on business development. Minimize coordination errors and problems centralizing all the information in a single database surrounded by plenty of features and automations.


Moodle allows you to create dynamic courses and promote learning anywhere and anytime. You can easily create your courses using hundreds of features – such as loading content, create assignments and assessment quizzes – and implement collaborative activities – such as forums, wikis and glossaries – to provide effective and motivating online learning.


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Programa ADAPTAR inclui apoio a fundo perdido para aplicações e conteúdos

Conheça o sistema de incentivos ADAPTAR que muitas empresas estão a aproveitar para financiar a implementação de plataformas e conteúdos e-learning.[...].

Tire partido do seu Moodle para criar cursos e-learning de sucesso LEAD

Devido à grande procura, a ED-ROM vai realizar uma nova edição do seu popular curso de e-formadores Moodle a iniciar no dia 15 de Junho. Não perca[...].

Como Incorporar Google Docs no seu curso Moodle

Aprenda a partilhar um documento Google Docs no seu curso Moodle e a permitir que os alunos colaborem coletivamente na edição do documento.

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